What are Pumps?
The pump is widely taken for granted by the general public to be either a term for a shoe or something used to pump up a car tyre. In fact without pumps the world would come to a shuddering halt. Pumps are used to process and supply life’s essentials such as food & drink, production of gas, power & energy
They are used widely in manufacturing industries for wood, steel, glass, petro-chemicals, oils, chemicals & aggregates. Pumps come in many styles and designs, and are capable of moving fluids, powder, gases and even solid objects through hydraulic force.
We are one stop shop for all your pump supply and repair services. We can supply the best pumping system to suit your specific requirements. We can also offer full MRO services for any pumping application and can install or remove most styles of pump at very competitive rates. This also includes full in-house test facilities and motor rewind services (if required through one of our support partners). As stockist of bearings and seals we can also turn round standard pump service work within 24 hours or sooner if an emergency service is required.
We can also offer full pipework service and fabrication of steel and plastic framework and tanks if required.


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